Budget brows?

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hey guys!
Now, being someone who left her eyebrows unfilled and lets just put it untamed for many many years, I've finally in the recent years begun to do something with them. To be fair, I'd always attempt to pluck them etc, but never really knew the right shape or how much to pluck. I mean I wanted brows, I didn't wanna pluck so much that I only had about 1 strand left. Yum. So, I'd seen many brow products with the promise to change your brows life forever, I'd started out with a pencil first so I could get the hang of it, but it wasn't quite giving me the effect I wanted. Being in the blogging world you see so many blog posts about Anastasia brow wiz and dip pomade etc...but being a student and wanting to try those products out but not having the money I had to look elsewhere. So I turned to Make Up Revolution. A brand which I think doesn't get enough limelight as it should, they do some really good beauty gems at SUCH good prices. So I tried their Focus & Fix Brow kit in medium-light and I'd already asked for my MAC 266 brush for christmas so I could try it with some brown eyeshadows first but they just didn't look right. But once I'd got this I was amazed! It was the perfect colour and so easy to blend and fill in your brows.

To me this is a perfect alternative if you're looking for a brow product which isn't going to break the bank. In the little palette you have a quad of 3 brow powders and then a wax to set your brows in place. I think its amazing that you get 3 different types of shades depending on what colour you need,  so theres always going to be one that matches. You get a set of mini tweezers and a mini little wax brush, the tweezers are actually really good and the wax brush does the job. (I had misplaced the tweezers hence why they aren't in the photo...they've been found now haha)

I use the lighter brow shade for the beginning of my brow and the darker shade towards the middle and end to use as a sort of gradient as I want them to look natural and not so strong/harsh.

I seriously recommend this brow palette to anyone, and for £2.50 if you don't like it you can look at it in the way at least it wasn't crazy expensive.

What's your brow saviour?

Love Lauren xx

Products I regret buying!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Hey beauties! 
Now i'm not usually one to moan or be quite negative, however this is probably the most negative blog post i'll do. (Don't hold me to it, we don't know what the future holds.) But for the moment, I feel like it will be. I've seen a loads and loads of 'regret' posts and youtube videos and some of the products in there you just think like how could someone regret that, it sounds like it should be SO GOOD. But I guess you can't like everything, and not everything is going to do what it says on the tin. 

So after a long long time of watching the video's and reading the blog posts about L'Oreal True Match foundation, I finally caved and bought it. And I genuinely don't think I've been so disappointed in a product, given the fact it was so hyped up, I had SUCH high hopes. I just cannot get on with this foundation, and everything about it makes me want to like it but I just can't. It doesn't last long on my skin, I find the coverage extremely weak and just the formulation I just cannot get along with. I feel like i'm the only person in the world to have written something bad about this foundation haha oh well.

I was quite a big fan of the Benefit Oxygen WOW foundation, but the Benefit They're real mascara was my ultimate holy grail from this brand. And like the foundation, I again had high hopes for this concealer. To be honest I haven't seen lots of reviews about this product, but I had seen a few which sort of gave me the nudge like 'come on girl, get this product' So yet again, I picked it up in my local Debenhams. I get the name 'paste' it is like a paste, its really thick but not creamy enough personally to be a concealer? Its really hard to blend and I find its really chalky and creases easily. 

This last regret was an impulse buy, I was just scrolling through the Boots website one day and saw it and just though 'I'm onto something here!' I hadn't seen anyone review it or even talk about it! I was so happy to try this product, I'd been trying to find an eyeshadow primer that wasn't going to put me into debt for a while. And given how inexpensive it was, I was more than happy to put it in my basket. But man, was I dissapointed. I'm not even surprised no one has written a good post about this product. The consistency is so thin and when you try and blend it almost comes off as you blend it, which completely defeats the object of the primer. It made no difference to my eyeshadows pigmentation or lasting power. Total dissapointment. 

What products do you regret buying?
Love Lauren xx

Mini beauty haul!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hey folks! 
I've been so tired this week, and I don't think i've done much out of the ordinary...just my usual 5 day full time working week. But man I'm exhausted. Today I've got a mini beauty haul for you! I ordered these all online from boots which came instore the next day?! Which I think is pretty damn good, seeing as you have to wait like a week for a new look order to arrive instore. I still love you though New Look, still love ya.

We'll start with my all time favourite beauty product, eyeshadow palettes. I've seen these extremely often on majority of the blogs and youtube video's i've been watching/reading recently. Its the Collection Eyes uncovered 'Nude Palette' When I was listening to the reviews I was like YES! This is right up my street! I love a good nude palette. I also picked up at the same time the Little Mix 'All About The Eyes' palette. Which at the time I thought were completely different palettes, which I suppose you could say they are because the Little Mix palette is a lot lot more shimmery than the other. When I opened the nude palette, I was sort of semi-dissapointed...purely because I thought this was going to be an all matte palette but it wasn't. I still think the pigmentation and staying power of the shadows are incredible for the price. Just not what I was expecting from it really. I do however have what I was expecting from the Little Mix palette, it was all shimmer and more. Its stunning for the price, and the pigmentation and lasting power is incredible. Such a good product to have in your make up stash. 

Next onto Lip liners and eye liners - I've wanted to try NYX products for a while, I don't know why I haven't to be truly honest. I ordered these off amazon, I was scrolling through the beauty section and just popped them in my basket with the though 'Meh, i'll try those!' I picked up the NYX Lip liner pencil in 'Natural' and the NYX eye pencil in 'White'. I've been searching for a white pencil for a while to try and brighten up my eyes and to use it in the waterline. I love these pencils, they're so pigmented and last such a long time.

Lastly is the Smashbox Photofinish Foundation Primer - I've heard so many good things about this product and i've been on the hunt for a new primer for a while. I'm not too sure if primers are a scam and if they actually benefit my make up at all. I really need to try that one half face primer one half face not thing. It has a really strange texture, not what I expected at all...really silicone-like and greasy? I wasn't actually that impressed by it, also I didn't want to buy the full size one incase I didn't like it. So I purchased the travel size one for £12 and its absolutely tiny, I know its 'travel size' but come on! I'm still deciding on whether this was a good buy or not.

What have you picked up lately from the drugstore? :)

Love Lauren xx

A few favourites!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Hello guys! :) 
I've seriously missed blogging, I really don't know where I've been with it all to be honest. Well firstly, I went to back to work after 10 lovely days off *groans* but nevertheless, I AM BACK. With my swish new laptop might I add! I've only had it a couple of days but it is honestly the best item I have bought! I saved and saved for the new Macbook pro, and it is finally mine! I absolutely loveeeee it. 

I have an odd blog post today, its sort of a favourites...but a mini version? I'm sure there will still be a April favourites at the end of this month! But lately, i've been trying not to divulge into new products I'm seeing and rekindle an old love with products I already have. One of these is the Urban Decay 'Naked On The Run' palette. When I bought this it was almost an impulse 'I need an urban decay palette and this will be the one' Which I kind of regret doing because I'm now lusting after the Naked Original palette but heeeey. I kept putting this palette to the back of my collection, and the reason for that was because I was buying more and more products which were so similar to the products already in this palette...So my initial thinking was "well why would I use that...when I have this?" bad habits, bad habits. ANYWAY - I've told myself I must get some use out of it and I'm loving it already! I think its so easy when you're a make up hoarder *cough, like me* to forget about good products and push items to the back of your drawer, because they're simply replaced with the newest product on the market. 

So starting with eyes, as previously stated I rekindled my love for my gorgeous palette. 

Now if you had asked me about 2 or less years ago, ever fancy wearing some eyeshadow? I would have looked at you in disgust and just shunned you. Joking, bit dramatic. But seriously, eyeshadow was never something I desired or ever wanted to all. It all sort of began when I began watching youtube videos and actually saw how nice it looked and how beautiful you can really make it. Now, I absolutely love them and I simply want them all. I'm a neutral, bronzey eyeshadow kinda gal... and this palette simply has them all. Its an eyeshadow lovers dream basically. You have colours perfect for the lid and perfect for the crease to create an amazing smokey eye. Seeing as it was quite expensive for me anyway, I have a feeling some people will be thinking..."its not that expensive to be honest" but oh well, to me its something I actually want to get use out of and make it worth the money I spent.  The colours are so well pigmented and buttery they blend like a dream. However, it does come with many other products too which just makes me think WHY ARE YOU NOT USING THIS PALETTE? I am using the Urban Decay 'Perversion' mascara that it comes with though, which I love with all my heart. Hands down one of the best mascaras I have ever used, when It runs out I sure as hell am going to purchase the full size. I also use quite frequently the '24/7 glide on eyepencil' that it comes with, its insanely pigmented and stays on all day. Now... The lipgloss that comes within this set...I don't know what it is, I just cannot get on well with them. I think its purely because any that i've ever had have always been sticky and uncomfortable to wear. I have never actually worn this on my lips when I've gone out, I've always put it on...then taken it off immediately... I quite like the colour...just not lip glosses. Finally, this palette also includes a bronzer, blush and a highlight. I'm trying to leave my Benefit Hoola Bronzer in my make up bag, but it just stares at me begging to be used. But i'm getting there. 

Carrying on with the 'would you ever wear...' theme... Eyeliner. Liquid..liner? Are you kidding? I would have laughed, now i've sat in my room infront of a mirror so many times I couldn't count, trying to do liquid liner. And it just wouldn't of worked for me. And I truly believe it now when people say 'it takes practice' my god it takes practice. Unless your a wizard and are just born with the skill. But I picked up a much talked about Liner the 'LOreal Super liner' I love this so much, I just love it. Its so easy to apply and stays on all day. Theres nothing else that I can say apart from its crazy affordable too. 

I've also been on the hunt for a new powder, I've seen this product reviewed a few places in the blogging world, but I thought I would give it a go. Its the 'Maybelline Matte Maker' in the shade 'natural beige' I love this powder, I think its my new favourite. Infact it is my new favourite. There isn't enough good things I could say about this, it pro-longs my foundation on my face but also does what it says on the tin...a mattifying powder, it doesn't fail on giving me the look I want! 

Being a bad make up lover, I got a tad lazy with highlight. I've recently put it back into my weekend make up routine and I'd forgotten how much I'd loved it! I'm back in-love with my Make Up revolution 'Baked Highlighter' in the shade 'Peach Lights'. 

And  finally, I've been on the hunt for a new body scrub and I've found a holy grail. Its the Soap and Glory 'Pulp Friction' Firstly, this smells incredible. There are no words. But it leaves your skin so smooth and flakey-skin free. I also use this on my face sometimes, which I know isn't the desired use. But wow this product is incredible! 

Have you got any early April favourites? I'd love to know :) 

Love, Lauren xx

Trip to Brighton - Beauty Essentials!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Hey loves! Today marks the start of my many days off from work, and I'm currently l-o-v-i-n-g it! Can I always have Mondays off? Anyway, I'm off to Brighton this week with my gorgeous other half, and its safe to say I'm so so excited! I've always wanted to go to Brighton, and from all the pictures I've seen it looks so beautiful! I'm extremely excited to see/ take some pictures of some beach huts (its the little things in life ay?) So I thought i'd write a post on what I'm going to take with me beauty wise! I love reading these kinds of post because it gives me such good ideas as on what to take if I was going to go? I'm also super nosy and love seeing whats in peoples bags/make up bags. But hey, who isn't?

When I was prowling (yes, prowling) the aisles of Boots, I came across my one of my favourite sections...Soap & Glory. Now I always have to lug my 500ml Tresemme shampoo and conditioner with me whenever I stay round Jacks. They're amazing products, just not all that practical to travel with. So when I was hunting down a body scrub in this section, I came across these mini baby shampoo and conditioners from their range. Not only did I buy them because they were mini and the most adorable thing. But also because they're so lightweight and will take up practically no space. I also picked up their mini shower gel version too, because I mean normal size shower gel isn't light either.

Now when It comes to perfumes I'm a kinda go big or go home kinda gal. So for my trip i'm choosing Lady Gaga's 'Black Fluid' perfume, one of my absolute favourites. I've always found when I've carried samples around with me, they run out so quick and I just wish I'd brought a full sized one with me. Now this one isn't all that heavy so I often have it in my hand bag anyway so I can spritz away when I feel like I need to. Always choose a perfume you're used to wearing and that you know you like, there is nothing worse than taking a product away that is new to you, and it turns out you hate it. Then you're kinda stuck. Who would wanna be in that situation? 

Next up, carrying on with the 'packing light' theme, I've chosen my Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser, Now I got this when I bought a few items from the Clinique counter in Debenhams as I wanted to try it but then didn't want to buy the full size and find out it didn't work for my skin. Damn you sensitive skin. I've had this for such a long time now, granted I haven't used it everyday as I switch it up with my Clarins Hydra-Quench Moisturiser, but that is one HEFTY tub. This is a small mini pot which is perfect for taking away. 

For the 'Make-up' part, always have a make up bag which you know will hold everything in. No one likes the struggle of trying to zip up a make up bag which just ain't gonna zip. I chose my Victoria Secret one 1) Because its too pretty to not love and 2) It holds all ma goodies.

So I'm taking away my current favourite foundation which is the Rimmel True Match, again take away a product which you know you love and you know matches your skin so thats one thing you wont have to worry about in photos and things. Now I've chosen three shadows to take with me which I know are neutral and can be worn in different ways, I find this easier than taking a great big palette with me when I probably already know what colours I want to use. 
I chose MAC 'all that glitters' and MAC 'charcoal brown' following with Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'on and on bronze'. For lips I carried on with the neutral theme with my Topshop lipliner in 'ceramic' and my Nars Velvet Matte Pencil in 'Bahama'. 
Two colours which could with every outfit. I then packed my Bodyshop Pore Minimiser primer, because I'll be in Brighton I want my make up to last all day so that I won't have to touch it up often. 
Then followed by my favourite mascara at the moment which is the Max Factor 'Transform' mascara and my Natural Collection Mineral Powder. No make up is done without brows, so I packed my Make Up Revolution 'Focus & Fix' kit, cant do my eyebrows without this. Lastly a new purchase, my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer which I love! And my trusty faithful Hoola bronzer by Benefit.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what are your 'trip away' beauty essentials? 

My Hair Saviours

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hey loves :) Hope you're all doin' well. So today probably has been one of the most nerve-wracking days. I had my first University interview today and it went kind of well? I think? I hope? 
I'm just counting down the days until Friday until I have 10 days off! wahooo *clinks champagne* 
Now, you know you can have them days where you want super volumised hair yet, the thought of detangling your curlers from your straightner cables, then the long wait for them to heat up and THEN the struggle to not burn your skin on the curling wand. Unless you're a curling wizard and you don't suffer from these probs. 

So I'd heard in the bloggersphere about 'Sea Salt Spray' stuff, and hair not being one of my strong points I was intrigued. So I'd been spying the Toni & Guy Texurising Sea Salt Spray and I'd seen it in youtube favourites videos and I don't know I just never really got round to trying it even though I wanted to try it. Its a weird situation. However, I was doing a Make Up Revolution order on superdrug and saw this advertised at the bottom on offer, it was the Tresemme Perfectly Undone Sea Salt Spray so I thought meh *add to basket* It states to provide 'beach like hair' yaknow when you've just come out the sea and its dried and  its got loads of texture and turned all wavy - all that goodness.
So I originally thought I wouldn't like this because I thought it would make my hair all sticky and greasy - how could I have been more wrong. This stuff is insane, it provides volume and amazing texture! I also think it creates cute little natural waves which are effortless! I use this when I've just freshly washed my hair so I spray it all over, dry my hair and then spray some more and sort of fluff it in with my hair. Just creates a perfect natural tousled hair which took no time at all.

Ontop of that I also use a heat protecting spray, I have the V05 Heat Protect Styling Spray now I can't even remember when I bought this, can you still buy this? Let me find out... Okay, Its not exactly the same, its different packaging but I'm pretty sure its just an updated better version its the V05 Heat Defence Styling Spray  - but I sort of just shoved it to the back of my cupboard because clearly when I bought it I just never fancied yknow protecting my hair from the many hot tools I used on my hair haha. But I dusted it off and left it on my dresser to remind me to use it everyday, since I've been using it my hair condition has just improved dramatically. Its so much softer and in such better condition, my dry ends have just reduced incredibly. Like what was I doing with it in the back of my drawer? It makes styling my hair so much easier too, it adds so much shine and you just feel so much better about your hair. So I spray this all over my hair when I've freshly washed it before I use my hair dryer and then spray my Sea Salt Spray and brush my hair through.

What are your hair saviours?

March Favourites!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Hey lovelies :) 
I've been gathering my March favourites for a while now, even though its still March...still more favourites to be had! I've recently re-designed my blog and changed my blog name and I really like the new design. 

Enough rambling and on with the favourites! 
First up,  The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser I bought this the other day as I've been on the hunt for a primer for ages, just one that wasn't going to break the bank. I'm not a massive fan of the 'tea tree scent' when I've had face wipes in the scent or flavour? Haha, they've always seemed to burn my skin and make my eyes water. So I was quite reluctant when I picked this up, I wasn't sure if it was going to be one of those which I was going to pop back in the back of my drawer. But you'll be pleased to know its sat on my desk for me to use everyday because I love it dearly!  

Next up is my perfect lip combo the Topshop Lip Liner in 'Ceramic' paired with the Topshop lipstick in 'Saint' this is a great combination for a light pinky-nude lip! I've also tried using the lip liner by itself and that looks amazing too, I was so impressed with these lip products from Topshop! Love them! The lipstick feels so moisturizing on the lips and they have so many great shades.

Onto eyes - I've always struggled with liquid liner, I dont know what it is we've just never clicked and I simply cannot do it. However, since I started using my Urban Decay cream liner, my technique has improved haha! I then found my Primark Liquid Liner in pen form? Which I cant even remember when I bought but as soon as I discovered it I tried it out straight away. I don't know the correct name for the pen however, it just looks like a normal pen, this makes the application of it so so easy. I love this eyeliner, it applies so easily + smoothly and it was so so inexpensive, I think it was genuinely a pound. The one thing I did notice about it though is that it does smudge easily, but I can get over that.