Trip to Brighton - Beauty Essentials!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Hey loves! Today marks the start of my many days off from work, and I'm currently l-o-v-i-n-g it! Can I always have Mondays off? Anyway, I'm off to Brighton this week with my gorgeous other half, and its safe to say I'm so so excited! I've always wanted to go to Brighton, and from all the pictures I've seen it looks so beautiful! I'm extremely excited to see/ take some pictures of some beach huts (its the little things in life ay?) So I thought i'd write a post on what I'm going to take with me beauty wise! I love reading these kinds of post because it gives me such good ideas as on what to take if I was going to go? I'm also super nosy and love seeing whats in peoples bags/make up bags. But hey, who isn't?

When I was prowling (yes, prowling) the aisles of Boots, I came across my one of my favourite sections...Soap & Glory. Now I always have to lug my 500ml Tresemme shampoo and conditioner with me whenever I stay round Jacks. They're amazing products, just not all that practical to travel with. So when I was hunting down a body scrub in this section, I came across these mini baby shampoo and conditioners from their range. Not only did I buy them because they were mini and the most adorable thing. But also because they're so lightweight and will take up practically no space. I also picked up their mini shower gel version too, because I mean normal size shower gel isn't light either.

Now when It comes to perfumes I'm a kinda go big or go home kinda gal. So for my trip i'm choosing Lady Gaga's 'Black Fluid' perfume, one of my absolute favourites. I've always found when I've carried samples around with me, they run out so quick and I just wish I'd brought a full sized one with me. Now this one isn't all that heavy so I often have it in my hand bag anyway so I can spritz away when I feel like I need to. Always choose a perfume you're used to wearing and that you know you like, there is nothing worse than taking a product away that is new to you, and it turns out you hate it. Then you're kinda stuck. Who would wanna be in that situation? 

Next up, carrying on with the 'packing light' theme, I've chosen my Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser, Now I got this when I bought a few items from the Clinique counter in Debenhams as I wanted to try it but then didn't want to buy the full size and find out it didn't work for my skin. Damn you sensitive skin. I've had this for such a long time now, granted I haven't used it everyday as I switch it up with my Clarins Hydra-Quench Moisturiser, but that is one HEFTY tub. This is a small mini pot which is perfect for taking away. 

For the 'Make-up' part, always have a make up bag which you know will hold everything in. No one likes the struggle of trying to zip up a make up bag which just ain't gonna zip. I chose my Victoria Secret one 1) Because its too pretty to not love and 2) It holds all ma goodies.

So I'm taking away my current favourite foundation which is the Rimmel True Match, again take away a product which you know you love and you know matches your skin so thats one thing you wont have to worry about in photos and things. Now I've chosen three shadows to take with me which I know are neutral and can be worn in different ways, I find this easier than taking a great big palette with me when I probably already know what colours I want to use. 
I chose MAC 'all that glitters' and MAC 'charcoal brown' following with Maybelline Colour Tattoo in 'on and on bronze'. For lips I carried on with the neutral theme with my Topshop lipliner in 'ceramic' and my Nars Velvet Matte Pencil in 'Bahama'. 
Two colours which could with every outfit. I then packed my Bodyshop Pore Minimiser primer, because I'll be in Brighton I want my make up to last all day so that I won't have to touch it up often. 
Then followed by my favourite mascara at the moment which is the Max Factor 'Transform' mascara and my Natural Collection Mineral Powder. No make up is done without brows, so I packed my Make Up Revolution 'Focus & Fix' kit, cant do my eyebrows without this. Lastly a new purchase, my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer which I love! And my trusty faithful Hoola bronzer by Benefit.

Hope you enjoyed this post, what are your 'trip away' beauty essentials? 


  1. Great post.
    I have had this perfume before and I love it. Just wished it lasted for more than a few hours.
    Your Victoria secrets bag is super cute too.


  2. Thankyou so much! Yeah I love mine, I got it for christmas. I know what you mean about the lasting power but It smells so good! On the plus side though, its not all that heavy so its quite portable to spritz whenever you're out. Xx

  3. Ah! Can't say no to Soap and Glory - love them!!! They have so many amazing products and everything smells so good! :)

    Layla xx

  4. Haha definitely not!! The smells are just incredible! Love your blog :) xx