March Favourites!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Hey lovelies :) 
I've been gathering my March favourites for a while now, even though its still March...still more favourites to be had! I've recently re-designed my blog and changed my blog name and I really like the new design. 

Enough rambling and on with the favourites! 
First up,  The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser I bought this the other day as I've been on the hunt for a primer for ages, just one that wasn't going to break the bank. I'm not a massive fan of the 'tea tree scent' when I've had face wipes in the scent or flavour? Haha, they've always seemed to burn my skin and make my eyes water. So I was quite reluctant when I picked this up, I wasn't sure if it was going to be one of those which I was going to pop back in the back of my drawer. But you'll be pleased to know its sat on my desk for me to use everyday because I love it dearly!  

Next up is my perfect lip combo the Topshop Lip Liner in 'Ceramic' paired with the Topshop lipstick in 'Saint' this is a great combination for a light pinky-nude lip! I've also tried using the lip liner by itself and that looks amazing too, I was so impressed with these lip products from Topshop! Love them! The lipstick feels so moisturizing on the lips and they have so many great shades.

Onto eyes - I've always struggled with liquid liner, I dont know what it is we've just never clicked and I simply cannot do it. However, since I started using my Urban Decay cream liner, my technique has improved haha! I then found my Primark Liquid Liner in pen form? Which I cant even remember when I bought but as soon as I discovered it I tried it out straight away. I don't know the correct name for the pen however, it just looks like a normal pen, this makes the application of it so so easy. I love this eyeliner, it applies so easily + smoothly and it was so so inexpensive, I think it was genuinely a pound. The one thing I did notice about it though is that it does smudge easily, but I can get over that.

Now carrying on with eyes, I still love my Body Shop Carbon Eye Definer in brown, which I wrote about in a previous blog post. I just think this eyeliner applies so beautifully and it so pigmented and is perfect for a smokey eye.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer I think will always be my favourite bronzer, I love it just that little bit more than the Make Up Revolution Baked Bronzer, its just the perfect colour and is super easy to blend. Nothing I'd rather have in my make up bag.

Lastly is the newest edition to my make up brush pot, its the Real Techniques setting brush. Now I love all of the Real Techniques brushes, they have never dissapointed me and this one is the same. Its the perfect size for just under the eyes and applies concealer and powder beautifully. Reccomend this to anyone! 

What are your March favourites?
Comment below!

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