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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Hello lovelies :)
How is it March? Literally, how is it already March...? This year is going so so fast! It needs to slow down, but that being said I am so looking forward to summer, not necessarily the summer days...okay maybe some summer days. But mainly summer afternoons/evenings, theres nothing I love more than sitting out in the garden watching the sun go down and it is still acceptable to be sat outside in shorts. Probably the only thing I love about summer, oh and barbecues. Mmm.. barbecued halloumi (anyone tried it?)

I thought I'd do a little blog post on my favourite bloggers of the month, some blogs I've seriously been reading and absolutely LOVING! I thought i'd do this so other people could look at them and get the inspiration I did from reading their posts.

1)  - I can't explain how much I love Essie Button, she also films youtube videos which I constantly watch, she's so funny and down to earth and from watching her video's I genuinely think we'd be like best pals? She does great reviews on pretty much everything which could probably help everyone walking the planet in some way, also she's like the most beautiful person eveeer.

2) - As I've not been blogging long, I'm constantly coming across new blogs which are right up my street. I love anything make up related and people who are really into helping others discover good beauty buys and good tips & tricks. Reading her blog also introduced me to the "My Little Box" which I'm TOTALLY looking forward to recieving.

3) - Like I previously said, I've not been blogging long and I love blogs where they really set out to help other aspiring bloggers? I just find it so nice. She gives really good beauty buys which don't make you go into debt and gives her true beauty opinions.

What blogs are you loving this month?

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