Budget brows?

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hey guys!
Now, being someone who left her eyebrows unfilled and lets just put it untamed for many many years, I've finally in the recent years begun to do something with them. To be fair, I'd always attempt to pluck them etc, but never really knew the right shape or how much to pluck. I mean I wanted brows, I didn't wanna pluck so much that I only had about 1 strand left. Yum. So, I'd seen many brow products with the promise to change your brows life forever, I'd started out with a pencil first so I could get the hang of it, but it wasn't quite giving me the effect I wanted. Being in the blogging world you see so many blog posts about Anastasia brow wiz and dip pomade etc...but being a student and wanting to try those products out but not having the money I had to look elsewhere. So I turned to Make Up Revolution. A brand which I think doesn't get enough limelight as it should, they do some really good beauty gems at SUCH good prices. So I tried their Focus & Fix Brow kit in medium-light and I'd already asked for my MAC 266 brush for christmas so I could try it with some brown eyeshadows first but they just didn't look right. But once I'd got this I was amazed! It was the perfect colour and so easy to blend and fill in your brows.

To me this is a perfect alternative if you're looking for a brow product which isn't going to break the bank. In the little palette you have a quad of 3 brow powders and then a wax to set your brows in place. I think its amazing that you get 3 different types of shades depending on what colour you need,  so theres always going to be one that matches. You get a set of mini tweezers and a mini little wax brush, the tweezers are actually really good and the wax brush does the job. (I had misplaced the tweezers hence why they aren't in the photo...they've been found now haha)

I use the lighter brow shade for the beginning of my brow and the darker shade towards the middle and end to use as a sort of gradient as I want them to look natural and not so strong/harsh.

I seriously recommend this brow palette to anyone, and for £2.50 if you don't like it you can look at it in the way at least it wasn't crazy expensive.

What's your brow saviour?

Love Lauren xx