My Hair Saviours

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Hey loves :) Hope you're all doin' well. So today probably has been one of the most nerve-wracking days. I had my first University interview today and it went kind of well? I think? I hope? 
I'm just counting down the days until Friday until I have 10 days off! wahooo *clinks champagne* 
Now, you know you can have them days where you want super volumised hair yet, the thought of detangling your curlers from your straightner cables, then the long wait for them to heat up and THEN the struggle to not burn your skin on the curling wand. Unless you're a curling wizard and you don't suffer from these probs. 

So I'd heard in the bloggersphere about 'Sea Salt Spray' stuff, and hair not being one of my strong points I was intrigued. So I'd been spying the Toni & Guy Texurising Sea Salt Spray and I'd seen it in youtube favourites videos and I don't know I just never really got round to trying it even though I wanted to try it. Its a weird situation. However, I was doing a Make Up Revolution order on superdrug and saw this advertised at the bottom on offer, it was the Tresemme Perfectly Undone Sea Salt Spray so I thought meh *add to basket* It states to provide 'beach like hair' yaknow when you've just come out the sea and its dried and  its got loads of texture and turned all wavy - all that goodness.
So I originally thought I wouldn't like this because I thought it would make my hair all sticky and greasy - how could I have been more wrong. This stuff is insane, it provides volume and amazing texture! I also think it creates cute little natural waves which are effortless! I use this when I've just freshly washed my hair so I spray it all over, dry my hair and then spray some more and sort of fluff it in with my hair. Just creates a perfect natural tousled hair which took no time at all.

Ontop of that I also use a heat protecting spray, I have the V05 Heat Protect Styling Spray now I can't even remember when I bought this, can you still buy this? Let me find out... Okay, Its not exactly the same, its different packaging but I'm pretty sure its just an updated better version its the V05 Heat Defence Styling Spray  - but I sort of just shoved it to the back of my cupboard because clearly when I bought it I just never fancied yknow protecting my hair from the many hot tools I used on my hair haha. But I dusted it off and left it on my dresser to remind me to use it everyday, since I've been using it my hair condition has just improved dramatically. Its so much softer and in such better condition, my dry ends have just reduced incredibly. Like what was I doing with it in the back of my drawer? It makes styling my hair so much easier too, it adds so much shine and you just feel so much better about your hair. So I spray this all over my hair when I've freshly washed it before I use my hair dryer and then spray my Sea Salt Spray and brush my hair through.

What are your hair saviours?

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