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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hello, hope you're all well :)
I haven't posted since the 3rd of February! I'm super annoyed about that, but by being in a full time job, doing coursework and applying to Universities it is hard to find spare time to breathe! By making this blog I wanted to write about my passions for make up and just general things I experience. I decided that 2015 would be a year of challenges and opportunities so I'm going to try really hard to fit in blog posts. I even bought a notebook to write all my blog ideas...I'm so useless!
ANYWAY- back to whats in my make up bag :)

Okay, so I've wanted a  Victoria Secret makeup bag for ages now, I finally purchased one when I ventured to London with my best friend in December *insert cute photo below*
So i'll start with concealer - After reading loads of reviews about this concealer I purchased this around December 2014 I think and I love it! Its the Rimmel London 'Wake me up' Concealer
This concealer provides a lot of coverage for under the eyes and is great for making your eyes look much brighter and awake. I have the shade Ivory which is lighter than my foundation to give that highlighted look, Its also super affordable?
Following on from concealer, next up is foundation! Now if anyone knows me at all, they know I'm obsessed with MAC foundations. I origianlly began the obsession with the MAC prolong-wear foundation, but then was persuaded by MAC studio fix by their lovely make up artists doing my make up for prom :) Now, MAC make up isn't the cheapest thing around but it sure is worth the money. Depending on your skin type depends on which one will probably suit you better, the studio fix provides medium to full coverage and is super easy to blend. A foundation I will always reach for above all others :) 

Next up is bronzer... For a while, I had no idea what bronzer even was or even how to apply it. But after talking with friends and watching hundreds and hundreds of make up tutorials on YouTube it is a staple in my make up bag. I never do my make up without it! What must I have looked like before...probably a ghost. The Benefit Hoola bronzer is my go to bronzer each day, I think it could suit any skin tone and is so easy to blend onto the skin. 

I recently purchased a set of Zoeva make up brushes which I have heard so so many great things about! And let me just say, they do not disappoint. I bought the Rose Golden Luxury Set - I have never come across such beautiful brushes in my life! Plus, they're rose gold, so how can you not love them? The brushes are so soft and apply the make up so so well! It makes the price so reasonable, I would recommend them to anyone! I don't take the whole set of brushes with me in my make up bag, but majority of them are taken..just minus about two? haha. Also included in my brushes for my make up bag are Mac 217 and Mac 266 Brushes, I use the Mac 217 for blending eye shadow in my crease and the Mac 266 for filling in my eyebrows.

The Make Up Revolution Flawless Ultra 32 Shade Palette - This palette is incredible, it has 32 amazing shades which you can create any look with! Its also £8 which is an amazing price, for so many shadows which are really pigmented and easy to blend. I use this palette to create most of my eye looks as it has so many to choose from all in one palette :)

Make Up Revolution Eyebrow Focus & Fix Kit - This little eyebrow kit is wonderful for someone just starting filling in their eyebrows (which was me only about a month ago haha) I've watched so many tutorials on how to fill in eyebrows, but the thought of doing my own absolutely terrified me. But I finally went for it and bought this palette, it was super cheap but so good? It contains 3 brow powders which are perfect for whatever your brow colour, and it comes with a wax which you can set your eyebrows in place. Plus, its only 2.50? and I use the Mac 266 brush to fill in my eyebrows with this palette. It also comes with a mini set of tweezers and a mini applicator for the wax. (I've lost the tweezers hence why they aren't in the photo haha)

Now onto Lashes! I recently bought the Urban Decay "On The Run" Palette, and included in it was the Urban Decay 'Perversion' Mascara - I got a mini version of the mascara within the palette but before even getting the mascara I'd already heard loads of good things about it.  The mascara really lengthens  my lashes and separates them, it adds so much volume and makes my lashes look great! Would recommend it to anyone looking for a new mascara!

Next onto Powders - For a long time I used MAC Mineralize Skin finish to set my foundation, but then I purchased Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed powder. I love both these powders, they provide a lot of coverage and create a lovely matte look :) So sometimes i'll use the Rimmel powder, and then other days i'll use the MAC powder, so I like to keep both in my bag just incase! :) 

I don't always wear this within my normal make up routine, I only usually do it for a special occasion or if I have loads of time to just doss about and do my make up haha :) It is the Urban Decay Super-Saturated Ultra Intese Cream Eyeliner (possibly the longest name for a product I have ever come across haha!) Before I bought this product, I tried using liquid eyeliners and I just could not hack them. No matter how many times I practiced, me and liquid eyeliners just aren't friends. So I tried this cream eyeliner, and I found it was so so much easier to apply with a brush! I would definitely reccomend it to anyone who struggles with liquid eyeliner. I apply this product with either The Real Techniques Sillicone Liner brush or the Zoeva Wing Liner brush.

Carrying on with eyeliner, for Christmas I was bought the Body Shop Carbon Eye definer - I love using this product as eyeliner, its so easy to apply and creates a much softer look than liquid or gel eyeliner and also a lot less messy haha :) I also recommend this product to anyone struggling with eyeliner as an alternative, or to change your usual eye look for something different.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe found some new products to buy for your make up bag

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